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    In Love With Death

    Eugene Brennan
    Is Islam a violent or a peaceful religion? Rather than cherrypicking the sacred texts, we might be better served by sociology and reception studies: rather than trying to decipher what the Quran says, that is, one might usefully listen to what Muslims think and say it says.

    The Virags and the Blooms

    Martin Greene
    Ulysses may have no story, but it does contain a multitude of little ones. Though artfully assembled, these can also be difficult to follow because the information provided is often incomplete, widely dispersed, presented out of sequence or hidden in obscure passages of text.

    His Poor Materials

    Liam Harrison
    Samuel Beckett’s fidelity to ‘trash’ objects – boots, bikes, bowler hats, crutches - his persistent use of them in different mediums, indicates that such objects held a unique position in his creative process, forming an ‘art of salvage’ which can be traced across his life’s work.

    Leading from the Left

    Jeremy Kearney
    The remarkable rise of Jeremy Corbyn has changed the nature of the political debate in the UK. By highlighting the failure of the austerity agenda and the neoliberal ideology that underpinned it, he has returned left-wing ideas to the centre of political discourse.

    Christian Knowledge

    Tom Inglis
    Sociology, as taught in late twentieth century Ireland, was a discipline in which there was no interrogation of power, no analysis of social class, no questioning of patriarchy, no theorising about the role of the state and, in particular, no examination of the power of the Catholic church.

    The German Friend

    Gisela Holfter
    Heinrich Böll, born a hundred years ago, had a unique relationship with Ireland. He and his wife played a huge role, as translators, in introducing German readers to Irish literature. His own book the ‘Irisches Tagebuch’ was a huge seller in Germany - though more controversial here.