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    Truculent Priest

    Seamus O’Mahony
    In a series of radical critiques published in the 1970s Ivan Illich questioned educational practice, managerialism and the medical profession. Though he could be arrogant, inconsistent and even plain silly, Illich had important things to say about modernity.

    Awkward Voices

    Pauline Hall
    A new biographical study focuses on four nationalist intellectuals who at first seemed to support the Easter Rising and the War of Independence but afterwards questioned if it had been worthwhile: Eimar O’Duffy, PS O’Hegarty, George Russell (AE) and Desmond Ryan.

    Really, I’m Stuffed

    John Fanning
    The drive for material goods may well be too deeply entrenched in human beings to be eliminated but perhaps a consciousness that we now have material prosperity beyond our spiritual competence to deal with could lead to more considered patterns of consumption.

    If You Liked This ...

    Matthew Parkinson-Bennett
    The eminent Milanese writer and publisher Roberto Calasso, chairman of Adelphi Edizioni, has an unusual recipe for commercial success: publish only books that you think are of the highest quality, and become known for publishing only books of the highest quality.

    Home From Cyberia

    Alexandra Slaby
    In a world in which we are offered so much instant gratification by technology, in which we have become hooked to it to an unprecedented degree, the self is not augmented but depleted. And we are so distracted that we don’t even notice that happening.