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Aiken’s Playpen

Michael Lillis
Later that evening, dressed in a hired “white tie”, I called at the residence of General Franco and escorted his granddaughter to the opera, where we sat in the royal box under the watchful eye of her duenna. Later we joined the generalissimo and his wife and family at home at dinner. I recall that we were driven to and from the opera in the caudillo’s splendid motor, a beflagged Hispano-Suiza if I correctly remember. I think I may have been the only foreign diplomat ever to dine with the Franco family.
Sep 1, 2010, 14:03 PM

That Clinking Clanking Sound

Antoin E Murphy
The reason for the  shortage of books on financial crises could be that in recent years many economic writers lost interest in such matters because first, some of them believed that the keys to controlling crises had been discovered through Friedman and Schwartz’s work on the causes of the Great Depression and therefore there was no real need to worry; second, other economists, those belonging to the new classical macroeconomics approach, did not believe in the possibility of financial bubbles.
Jun 3, 2009, 18:36 PM

Oscar Wilde and the Irish

Brian Earls
Far from being a marginal figure in independent Ireland, Wilde was viewed with considerable interest and good will.
This is the second of a two-part series tracking Oscar Wilde’s reputation in Ireland from his “disgrace” in 1895 to the present.
Feb 10, 2013, 20:02 PM

Fencing Ireland's Poets

John Minahane
Dec 4, 2007, 21:34 PM

Empress of Asunción

Tom Hennigan
In March 1870 Solano López was finally hunted down in the Paraguayan wilderness of Cerro Corá and killed by a Brazilian soldier. Panchito died with him and Lynch buried them both with her bare hands before being escorted first to Buenos Aires, then to Montevideo, from where she boarded the Royal Mail packet City of Limerick, which brought her back to Europe, fifteen momentous years after the start of her South American sojourn.
Nov 8, 2009, 21:17 PM

Everything’s A Sin

Eamon Maher
In spite of his bitterness, Dedalus nevertheless betrays a lingering fascination with Catholic vocabulary and concepts, as is pointed out by an acquaintance later in the novel: “It is a curious thing, do you know,” Cranley said dispassionately, “how your mind is supersaturated with the religion in which you say you disbelieve.”
Mar 4, 2012, 12:38 PM

Do You Believe In Magic?

Frank McGuinness
The truth is never pure and rarely simple, and in Macbeth fair is foul and foul is fair.
Dec 4, 2012, 14:14 PM

A Revolutionary Janus

Padraig Yeates
In a sense, most of the old guard never fully understood, and certainly never accepted the consequences of, the process they had initiated. If they had, they would have released control of the Workers Party with good grace to De Rossa and the new guard. By not only attempting to hold onto power but reactivating IRA structures in order to do so they ensured both sides lost out in the long term.
Nov 12, 2009, 21:30 PM

One Part Prescient, Five Parts Puerile

David Askew
Highly promiscuous, he was unfaithful to all his women, and never – quite – managed to love anyone else as much as he loved himself. He was chauvinistic and seemed to have very little respect for women – Rebecca West was informed of her duties “as a custodian of genius” – “You have to take care of me and have me fed and peaceful and comfortable.” He was puffed up with a sense of importance that his considerable abilities did not quite justify, and had an unpleasant proclivity to explode into furious rage at the smallest imagined slight.
Dec 8, 2010, 18:56 PM

Champion Of The Poor

Nicola Gordon Bowe
He was able to make the 1860 Adulteration of Food Act work to stem the addition of red lead, strychnine, sand, plaster of Paris and mercury to basic diets, to prevent narcotics and hallucinogenics being added to popular drinks, and polluted water and salt being added to milk. According to his own reckoning, no less than eight million pounds of contaminated food was detected, analysed and condemned during his time as public analyst.
Jun 22, 2012, 13:26 PM

The Clergyman’s Daughter

Majella Cullinane
Aldous Huxley, the first to adapt Austen for the screen, produced a script for Pride and Prejudice in 1939, but the producers insisted on simplifying the plot (“Five Gorgeous Beauties on a Mad-Cap Manhunt!” the publicity read), dismissing parts of the dialogue that were “too literary” and inserting additional material. Even the period of the action was moved forward forty years.
Sep 9, 2009, 18:02 PM

What’s The Plan?

Michael O’Sullivan
... a near total absence of strategic thinking among politicians. The other is a blind willingness to accept the gifts of outsiders as a means of supporting our economy, with little thought as to the consequences of this policy. Two examples stand out. One is the very successful attraction of mainly US multinationals to Ireland, a side effect of which has been to leave policymakers and capital providers with a blind spot as to the importance of a strong domestic services/industry base. The other has been the ready adoption of the constraints required by the euro-zone, with very little accompanying organisation to deal with the imbalances likely to be produced.
Sep 8, 2011, 16:50 PM

Righteous Renegade

Enda O’Doherty
Jan 1, 2007, 17:40 PM

What Came Up Was Goosegrass

Peter Brooke
The novel argues that Russia was already lost by the time of the February Revolution   that the country was so totally demoralised by liberal and socialist ideas that it could only deliver itself tamely into the hands of the Bolsheviks. In another work by Solzhenitsyn, Franco’s Spain is held up as a model of a proper Christian response to the evil of Bolshevism. Evil must be confronted by force, and the centralised, spiritually independent Roman Catholic Church is better placed to do it than Orthodoxy with its otherworldliness and tradition of subservience to the state.
May 9, 2010, 17:41 PM

Use The Mirror

Michael Hennigan
Yes, there has been a paucity of bold political leadership in Europe. However, in the almost four years since the onset of the international credit crunch, Ireland has managed only a number of baby-steps in the area of overdue structural reform and the citizens in Europe’s well-governed countries have been given no compelling reasons to believe we have fundamentally mended our past profligate ways.
Jun 2, 2011, 13:28 PM

Getting and Spending

Tom Inglis
For centuries the climate dictated the way we made our living, the way we lived our lives. We are an indoor people. For centuries we made sense of ourselves and our lives by sitting around the fire telling stories. This way of being, of not talking about oneself, but rather telling stories about other people and events, made its way into the pub, that essentially male space which, with the development of Catholic capitalism, grew and multiplied.
Mar 9, 2009, 16:51 PM

Neglected Children

Anne Markey
The collection of early children’s books bequeathed to Trinity College library by the late Mary Pollard is an invaluable resource but its value to scholars is being diminished by cuts in funding, cuts which indeed affect the entire library sector in the state.
Apr 8, 2013, 18:49 PM


Brendan O'Leary
The Republicans are an alliance of the super-rich and degree-less whites, topped with an upper crust of hypercapitalists, a misalliance cemented by pan-Protestant evangelism.
Oct 23, 2012, 20:16 PM

Picking At It

David Wheatley
Critics of his revisions, Yeats wrote, needed to grasp “what issue is at stake: / It is myself that I remake”, but self-reinvention is one thing and tinkering for tinkering’s sake another, the low-level molestation of poems to no discernible end or advantage. The guard who awoke to find Bonnard retouching a painting of his on the gallery wall chased the artist out of the building, we might remember.
Dec 4, 2011, 15:26 PM

Ancestral Vices

Rosita Sweetman
Mar 4, 2008, 22:03 PM