"The drb sustains a level of commentary on Irish and international matters that no other journal in Ireland and few elsewhere can reach. It deserves all the support that can be given it." X
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    Race and Immigration in Ireland

    Ulin, Edwards, O'Brien (eds)
    Presents a wide range of insights on the ethical challenges and possibilities of  post- Celtic Tiger Ireland.
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    Soldier of Christ

    Robert A Ventresca
    To some he is a venerable saint and to others he is a damnable silent witness to unimaginable horrors in the heart of Europe
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    Impure Thoughts

    Michael G Cronin
    Impure Thoughts explores the relationship between sexuality, literature and Catholicism in twentieth century Ireland.
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    The Devil I Know

    Claire Kilroy
    Claire Kilroy's fourth novel
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    From Enemy to Brother

    John Connelly
    The revolution in Catholic Teaching on the Jews 1933- 1965
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    The Sun King

    Conor O'Callaghan
    Fourth collection of poems from Conor O'Callaghan.
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    Why can't a woman be More Like a Man

    Lewis Wolpert
    So what's the big difference anyway?
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    Margaret Thatcher

    Charles Moore
    The early life and rise to power of the woman who transformed Britain.
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    Here and Now

    Paul Auster, JM Coetzee
    Letters 2008 - 2011, Paul Auster, JM Coetzee
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    A Place in the Country

    WG Sebald
    A Place in the Country is a window into the mind of WG Sebald, a much missed writer
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    The Offspring of the Moon

    John W Sexton
    In these poems John W Sexton speaks in a tradition from oral tales and myths to the gothic of Sheridan Le Fanu and Bram Stoker. These are poems of the altered mind, of the subveresion of logic and science.
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    The Traveler, the Tower, and the Worm

    Alberto Manguel
    As far as one can tell, human beings are the only species for which the world seems made up of stories, Alberto Manguel writes. George Steiner says that the area which Manguel has mapped for himself is that of the eros of reading.
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    Declaring his Genius

    Roy Morris Jr
    During his 1882 tour of the US Oscar Wilde covered 15,000 miles, delivered 140 lectures and met everyone who was anyone. Long haired and dressed in satin knee breeches with black silk stockings, the apostle of the Aesthetic Movement shocked entertained and enlightened a spellbound nation.
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    The Green Book

    A new journal which plans to publish critical work on Irish writers of gothic, supernatural and fantastic literature. Authors covered will include well known names and important figures who have received less critical attention in the past.
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    George Moore: Across Borders

    Huguet, Dabrigeon-Garcier (eds)
    Moore was a fascinating figure moving between countries, crossing genre and medium boundaries and forever exploring aesthetic trends and artistic developments through Naturalism, Impressionism, Decadence and Literary Wagnerism. This volume offers a variety of critical perspectives to approach Moore's multifaceted oeuvre and personality.
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    Time Present and Time Past

    Deirdre Madden
    Deirdre Madden's eight novel. As the Buckley family delve into their memories, so too must they renegotiate their history and the decisions that have brought them to to this place in the present ... an exquisite and extraordinary dissection of the life of an ordinary family.
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    Leaders of the City

    McManus, Griffith (eds)
    A rich account of the lives and activities of Dublin's lord mayors over 450 years. Along the way many aspects of the cultural life and politics of the city are touched on, including religious division, the role of O'Connell in the city, the numerous poor, the 1913 Lockout and everyday life for citizens of all classes.
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    Sheila Wingfield
    Sheila Wingfield's poetry offers an insight into life in the middle decades of the twentieth century. Wingfield was born in the south of England to an Irish mother and an English father. In 1932 she married Mervyn Patrick Wingfield. The couple moved to Ireland and later inherited the Powerscourt Estate in County Wicklow.
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    Brigham Young

    John G Turner
    Inextricably bound together by bonds of faith and fate, Brigham Young and Mormonism rose as one in nineteenth century America. It is Young and that era in American history that are examined in this book. Turner's biography reveals Brigham, the husband to many wives, as more violent and coarse than many Mormons have known. 
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    Town and Country

    Kevin Barry (ed)
    Edited by novelist and short story writer Kevin Barry, this is the latest in the Faber anthologies of Irish short stories......The Irish story is changing and is pulsing with great, mad and rude new erergies. Watch it now as it spirals and spins out. 
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