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    The Irish Presidency

    Coakley, Rafter (eds)
    Although the office of President of Ireland has attracted a great deal of public attention, especially since the election of Mary Robinson in 1990, the presidency has been the subject of little analysis. This gap in our knowledge of Irish politics is filled by this timely collection, which brings together a set of studies that explore the political role of the Irish presidency from a comparative perspective.
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    Terence O'Neill

    Marc Mulholland
    Recounting the political life of Stormont's most controversial leader, this study examines O'Neill's tenure as Prime Minister against a backdrop of sectarian violence and civil unrest in Northern Ireland. Marc Mullholland's comprehensive research will appeal to both the scholar and general reader alike, exploring an often overlooked figure in Irish history; it brings into focus the most turbulent time in Irish politics, when Northern Ireland really did stand at the crossroads.
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    The Irish in Post-War Britain

    Enda Delaney
    The Irish in Ireland were long marked by their strange failure to exhibit any real interest in the Irish abroad. The Irish in Britain are one of the most ignored groups. They were the largest migrant population in Britain and these "forgotten Irish" are at last beginning to receive attention and study.
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    Ireland Through European Eyes

    O'Driscoll, Keogh and aan de Wiel (eds)
    A fascinating collection of essays which discusses the perceptions of Ireland held by European  Governments and peoples over the period 1945-73.The contributors draw on a wide range of letters and papers from across Europe in illuminating this interesting area.
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    Partitioned Lives: The Irish Borderlands

    Nash, Reid and Graham
    The author explores everyday life and senses of identity and belonging along the contested Irish border whose official function and local impacts have shifted over the decades.
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    Donegal in Transition

    Séan Beattie
    Séan Beattie explores the effects of the Congested Districts Board on the economic, political and cultural life of Donegal in the late nineteenth century. The CDB was attempting to break the cycle of poverty in a county affected by the bitter legacy of the land war and a series of poor harvests
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    Locked Out

    David Convery (ed)
    This new book, written to commemorate the centenary of the 1913 Dublin Lockout and to advance Irish labour history in new and innovative ways, offers fresh perspectives from a new generation of Irish historians. It looks at the NSPCC and the industrial school system, the Dublin Lockout of 1913 itself, discussions of class, status and gender among Cork textile workers and the imfamous 'Animal Gang' of 1930s tenement Dublin, to name but a few topics.
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    Irish Europe 1600- 1650

    Gillespie, O hUiginn (eds)
    This volume concentrates on the experience of meeting new cultures as the Irish abroad travelled across Europe in the early seventeenth century.
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    Parnell Reconsidered

    Travers, McCartney (eds)
    Among the questions reconsidered are what Parnell understood by Home Rule, his attitude to separatism and his position in the nationalist spectrum, his extraordinary relationship with Gladstone and the significance of his famous ne plus ultra speech delivered in 1885.
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    The Fall of the Celtic Tiger

    Donal O Donovan, Antoin E Murphy
    This book examines how the Celtic Tiger, a high growth economy, fell into a macroeconomic abyss. Throughout the book attention is devoted to who and what was responsible for the crisis and looks at what could have been done to avoid the bailout.
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    In a Time of War

    John Dennehy
    John Dennehy explores the profound political, economic, military and social impact of the Great war on one Irish county - Tipperary.
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    The Royal Manors of Medieval Co Dublin: Crown and Community

    Aine Foley
    This book is the first full length study of the royal manors of Crumlin, Esker, Saggart and Newcastle Lyons - all in south Dublin - in the period 1170-1400.
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    Kevin O'Shiel, Tyrone Nationalist and Irish State Builder

    Eda Sagarra
    Draws on the subject's extensive unpublished memoirs to describe the life of a middle class nationalist from Tyrone who was a friend of Collins, who sat as the first judge in the Dail courts, was election agent for Arthur Griffith and who went on to serve the state as Land Commissioner until his retirement in 1963.
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    Other People's Diasporas, Negotiating Race in Contemporary Irish and Irish American Culture

    Sinead Moynihan
    Pulls together a wide range of literature, film and popular culture in contemporary Ireland and carefully contextualizes a discourse on immigration, identity and citizenship.
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    Dublin's Fallen Hero

    Dennis Kennedy
    Nelson's Pillar, completed in 1809, dominated the centre of Dublin for more than 150 years. It was Dublin's Eiffel Tower, the hub of the city's tram and bus routes. In March 1966 it was blown up by the IRA. The story of the Pillar and why it was destroyed sheds a certain light on the events commemorated in this decade of centenaries
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    Secrets of the Irish Landscape

    Jebb, Crowley (eds)
    This book examines many little understood aspects of the Irish landscape from the last Ice Age until now. Historians, archaeologists, biologists and earth scientists each bring their own perspective on  the landscape and the life it has supported, giving a new understanding of the history of the Irish ecosystem.
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    Edmund Burke

    Jesse Norman
    A new biography of  the Irishman now claimed by the Conservatives as their founding father. The author sees Edmund Burke as one of the eighteenth century's golden generation, which includes his friends Adam Smith, Samuel Johnson and Edward Gibbon. Burke, it is argued, was a dazzling orator and visionary theorist who is now underrated.
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    Leaders of the City

    McManus, Griffith (eds)
    A rich account of the lives and activities of Dublin's lord mayors over 450 years. Along the way many aspects of the cultural life and politics of the city are touched on, including religious division, the role of O'Connell in the city, the numerous poor, the 1913 Lockout and everyday life for citizens of all classes.
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    Race and Immigration in Ireland

    Ulin, Edwards, O'Brien (eds)
    Presents a wide range of insights on the ethical challenges and possibilities of  post- Celtic Tiger Ireland.
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    The Battle of Clontarf

    Darren Mc Gettigan
    The story of the Battle of Clontarf fought 1000 years ago on Good Friday 1014.
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