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    In Search of the Irish Dreamtime

    J. P. Mallory

    Following his account of Irish origins drawing on archaeology, genetics, and linguistics, J. P. Mallory returns to the subject to investigate what he calls the Irish Dreamtime: the native Irish retelling of their own origins, as related by medieval manuscripts.

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    Irish Days, Indian Memories

    Conor Mulvagh
    The little-known story of the fourth President of India and fellow Indian Law students attending UCD and King’s Inns during the dramatic years of 1913-1916. Diaries, letters and college records reveal unique insights into student life and the Indian students’ reaction to the political violence of the period.
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    Violence, Politics and Catholicism in Ireland

    Oliver P. Rafferty SJ
    This collection of essays looks at the interrelated themes of Catholicism, violence and politics in the Irish context in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Issues such as religious perceptions of the Famine, Cardinal Cullen’s role in shaping the ethos of Irish Catholicism and the role of memory, including religious memory, in Irish violence combine to make this a fascinating study.
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    The Shaping of Modern Ireland

    Eugenio Biagini and Daniel Mulhall (Eds)
    High-profile contributors re-write the seminal 1960s collection, originally published by Conor Cruise O’Brien, offering unparalleled understanding of prominent figures in Irish history and politics from 1890s to 1916 and beyond.
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    1916: The Rising Handbook

    Lorcan Collins
    A handbook to the events and locations of the Easter 1916 Rising. This ‘1916 bible’ will be invaluable to anyone with an interest in recent Irish history who wants to separate the facts from the fiction.
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    The Princeton History of Modern Ireland

    Richard Bourke & Ian McBride (Eds)
    Charts the pivotal events in the history of modern Ireland while providing perspectives on topics ranging from colonialism and nationalism to political violence, famine, emigration, and feminism. Takes readers from the Tudor conquest in the sixteenth century to the contemporary boom and bust of the Celtic Tiger, exploring key political developments as well as major social and cultural movements.
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    Padraig Og O Ruairc
    On 8 July 1921 a Truce between the IRA and British forces in Ireland was announced, to begin three days later. However, in those three days at least sixty people from both sides of the conflict were killed. In 'Truce', Pádraig Óg Ó Ruairc goes back to the facts to reveal what actually happened in those three bloody days, and why.
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    Utopianism in Eighteenth-Century Ireland

    Deirdre Ní Chuanacháin
    This book explores the varieties of utopianism in eighteenth-century Ireland. Based on what is recoverable and what has been recovered to date it reveals that a distinct utopianism emerged in the early decades of the eighteenth century based on the improving visions of the Dublin Society, the imperative to improve, the interface between the languages, Irish and English, between the cultures of the Catholic and Protestant communities, and between colonial and anti-colonial writings.
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    Who's Who in the Dublin Rising 1916

    Joseph E. A. Connell,Jnr
    This book lists those who made up the garrisons during Dublin's Easter Rising in 1916, and gives a short biography of them.
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    Unthinkable: Great Ideas for now

    Joe Humphreys
    Irish Times journalist and author Joe Humphreys tracks down leading thinkers to answer some of the most pressing questions facing humanity. Drawn from his absorbing columns in The Irish Times, Unthinkable seeks to road-test your reasoning, and raise the quality of public debate.
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    Shane O'Neill

    Ciaran Brady
    An account of Shane O'Neill's key role in sixteenth century Ireland, returning this neglected and misunderstood historical figure to the centre of a turbulent period in Irish history.
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    Revolutionary Lives: Constance and Casimir Markievicz

    Lauren Arrington

    Drawing from new archival material, including previously untranslated newspaper articles, the book explores the interests and concerns of Europeans invested in suffrage, socialism, and nationhood; and brings Casimir Markievicz into the foreground of the story and explains how his liberal imperialism and Constance's socialist republicanism arose from shared experiences, even as their politics remained distinct.

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    Irish Economic Development

    Eoin O'Leary
    An exploration of how Ireland’s export-led growth is associated more with the attraction of foreign-assisted businesses than with the development of critical masses of internationally competitive indigenous businesses; and considers future opportunities offered by the EU’s smart-specialization policy and future threats from increased international tax competition.
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    Northern Irish Poetry and Domestic Space

    Adam Hanna
    The book explores why houses, in some ways the most private of spaces, have taken up such visibly public positions in the work of a range of poets from Northern Ireland: Seamus Heaney, Michael Longley, Derek Mahon and Medbh McGuckian.
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    Big Jim Larkin: Hero or Wrecker?

    Emmet O'Connor
    In the first full-length biography, leading Labour historian Emmet O'Connor thoroughly evaluates Labour leader and agitator, Jim Larkin.
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    Courage Boys, We are Winning

    Michael B. Barry
    The events of the Rising are brought alive and explained in a readable and accessible style, illustrated with over 550 engrossing photographs and images.
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    Ireland’s Call

    Stephen Walker
    An account of the Irish sporting heroes who died on the battlefields of the World War I, featuring the lives of Irish international sports stars from the world of football, rugby, cricket, GAA, athletics and hockey, whose lives ended in Somme, Ypres and Gallipoli.
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    The GAA & Revolution in Ireland 1913–1923

    Gearóid Ó Tuathaigh
    The story of how the GAA was both influenced and was influenced by the upheaval in the decade between the 1913 Lockout and the end of the Civil War in 1923. Leading writers in the field of modern Irish history and the history of sport explore the impact on ‘ordinary’ life of major events.
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    Ireland Says Yes

    Gráinne Healy, Brian Sheehan & Noel Whelan
    A fast-paced, narrative account of the last 100 days of the campaign for a Yes vote in the 2015 Marriage Equality referendum in Ireland.
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