"The drb sustains a level of commentary on Irish and international matters that no other journal in Ireland and few elsewhere can reach. It deserves all the support that can be given it." X
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    Dispatches from the Island

    Luna Dolezal
    Jonathan Franzen inextricably links writing to survival, to that which sustains life and keeps boredom and demise at bay.


    Brian Earls
    There has been no collective amnesia in Ireland about the Great War. The event was remembered in Dublin for many decades after it ended, but in terms appropriate to the city's experience of it.

    Challenging the State

    John Mulqueen
    The 1970s was a transitional decade for Ireland in which new social movements emerged and the state acted decisively against movements which were prepared to use lethal violence within the jurisdiction.

    The Noble Earl

    Mícheál Ó hAodha
    A historical novel based on a fourteenth century Hiberno-Norman chieftain reminds us that Ireland was a multilingual and multicultural country long before any of us were born.

    Weimar Stories

    Rob Sternberg
    The German-Dutch writer Hans Keilson reached a new English-speaking audience when his novels from the 1930s were reissued. This rediscovery came when Keilson was 100.

    Restless Eric

    John Mulqueen
    Eric Hobsbawm, perhaps the most respected of twentieth century historians, still manages to impress from beyond the grave with a wide-ranging tour of culture and society.

    As Fresh as a Cliché

    Paula McGrath
    We strive for originality, but perhaps old phrases should, like Mae West’s discarded lovers, be given a new chance with someone else.