I am so at home in Dublin, more than any other city, that I feel it has always been familiar to me. It took me years to see through its soft charm to its bitter prickly kernel - which I quite like too.



A Classical Education

  Enda O’Doherty writes: “Sorry,” my friend said. “I didn’t get that.” “Get what?” “What you said just now. Something in Latin I think … Not all...

Greed or Good?

John Fanning
Business and politics: two views on how they should interact

Writers United

Alena Dvořáková
The pros and cons of bringing writers together in a corporate body

Full Throttle

Rosemary Jenkinson
Dark but exhilarating stories of surreal events and parallel universes

For Your Discomfort

Afric McGlinchey
Lullabies, but not the kind you’d want to sing to your baby

A Model for Everything

Sean Byrne
Maths, microeconomics and ‘losing sight of the bigger picture’

The Irish Reach

Rory McTurk
The influence of Gaels and Gaelic tradition on Old English poetry

Against the Tide

Adam Coleman
George Berkeley interprets the mysterious language of God

Flowers of Orwell

Aidan Tynan
Putting economic and social justice at the heart of the ecological project


The Keening Waves

Síle Ní Mhurchú
Lady Gregory’s legends of ancient Celtic gods and fighting men


Hearts and Minds

Enda O’Doherty
The stubborn obstacles that stand in the way of a unitary state in Ireland


Hoping for the Best

Emmet O’Connor
An optimist examines the prospects of achieving Irish unification


Under Southern Skies

Andy Pollak
Ireland’s links with Argentina, from the prosperous to the oppressed


What Larks

Patricia Craig
Bridget Rose Dugdale, an English debutante on Irish active service


Marching on Rome

William Wall
Fascism’s origins in violence and repression of the labouring poor


Blackening Casement

Martin Mansergh
British intelligence and the making of the ‘black diaries’ of Roger Casement

The Past is a Place

Stories from the North about trying to stay ahead of the past

History or Herstory?

Rosemary Jenkinson
A dazzlingly adventurous fusion of fiction and memoir from Belfast

Death Attracts Us

Stephen Dunne
A compassionate portrayal of the professionals of the dying trade

Mad About Poetry

Peter Sirr
Translating the poem, and the reader into the world of the poem

Homo Oblivious

Victoria Amelina
Words and stories to defend the truth against Russian lies and propaganda

Strength, not Power

Clare O’Dea
Combating oppression and injustice with clarity rather than anger


Larkin at 100

Johnny Lyons
The elusive depth that lies behind the all-too-explicit ordinariness


Pass the Parcel

Enda O’Doherty
Ways in which knowledge was disseminated in early modern Europe


Göring’s Man

John Mulqueen
The postwar networks of the Nazi art plunderers and their facilitators