I am so at home in Dublin, more than any other city, that I feel it has always been familiar to me. It took me years to see through its soft charm to its bitter prickly kernel - which I quite like too.


Sweating the Asset

Sean Byrne
The rise of private monopolies in the wake of the Thatcher ‘revolution’

The Road to Justice

Ursula Quill
The long fight for recognition of the Magdalene laundries survivors

Longing for Flight

Iggy McGovern
Time on our hands: the locked-down poet raids memories of past travel

How much is enough?

Amanda Bell
Is a chapbook more likely to work as an organic whole than a full collection?

In That Dawn

Gerard Smyth
The carefree days before Belfast became the capital of the Troubles

Vibrating Still

Maria Johnston
A poem where language is put behind bars and called upon to account for itself


Fióna Bolger
A poetic auto-fiction on migration, trauma and shifting identities

Losing the Plot

Brian Davey
A book telling the story of a book that cannot be written – which is written

City Breakdown

Susan McKeever
Six days in Hamburg – a ‘weekend break’ and family reunion with a difference


Urban Shock

John McAuliffe
A moving meditation on a working class past from a London-Irish historian

French Fiction

Mindful Fictions

Luke Warde
The relentless self-questioning of Emmanuel Carrère’s nonfictions

Irish History

Going Georgian

Patrick Duffy
Urban transformation and sectarian division in 18th century Ireland


The Pathfinder

Tom Hennigan
The megalomania of the leader of Peru’s genocidal Maoist revolutionaries


Restless Angel

John Mulqueen
The greatest songwriter in the Irish tradition in the history of recording


Normal Girls

Eva Kenny
‘The Rooney Effect’: taking the affective temperature of the patriarchy


The Professional

Rory Montgomery
An unequal combat between a divided, shambolic Britain and a united Europe

Back Stories

John Horgan
A miscellany of tales long and short from a career in Irish journalism

Written with Tears

Amanda Bell
An inspiring essay collection from inside the Travelling community

William’s World

Peter Brooke
Blake’s visions of Eden and the meaning of imagination in his verse

Yes We Can

Caroline Hurley
An argument against pessimism and in support of deep human potential

The World Remade

Éamon Mag Uidhir
A journey to motherhood, from miscarriage to the joy of birth


Dick Edelstein
Poems of strife and discovery that recall Swift, Behan and Durcan

University Pioneer

Judith Harford
An Irish historian who encountered misogyny in her academic career

Late Blossoming

Maeve O’Sullivan
A moving poetic exploration of impermanence and mortality

The Attic Tarantino

Sean Sheehan
The innovator Euripides puts the heedless Greek gods on the stage