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    Irish Elites in the Nineteenth Century

    Ciaran O'Neill (ed)
    Challenges the idea that national identification or religious affiliation were the strongest focus in the lives of elite individuals.
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    A Bouquet of Czech Folktales

    Karel Jaromir Erben
    A Bouquet is the last of the three foundational texts of Czech literature to be translated into English
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    A History of Ireland in 100 Objects

    Fintan O' Toole
    Some recall catastrophes, others inspire wonder.
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    Levels of Life

    Julian Barnes
    Julian Barnes' new book is about ballooning, photography, love and grief.
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    Of All Places

    John McAuliffe
    Poems from John McAuliffe. With a hint of Auden's formal patterns, John McAuliffe's poems are simultaneously grounded in the twenty-first century and alive to images and voices from the ancient and recent past.
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    The Decline and Fall of Europe

    Francesco M Bongiovanni
    The Decline and Fall of Europe offers the most perceptive account to date of a Europe that indulged too many illusions and is now awakening to bankruptcy.
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    One-Inch Punch

    Oran Ryan
    Oran Ryan's complex novel of power, politics and intricate relationships.
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    The 1641 Rebellion and the Wars of the Three Kingdoms

    Eamon Darcy
    A study of the way in which the English administration portrayed the rebellion to the wider world.
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    From Pogrom to Civil war

    Kieran Glennon
    Tom Glennon and events in Belfast in the early 1920s.
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    The Stern Wave

    Noel King
    The memorable voices of  The Stern Wave are quirky spontaneous and wry. Poems from Noel King
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    Wood Cuttings- New and Selected Poems

    Liam Ó Muirthile
    New work from poet and journalist Liam Ó Muirthile
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    Stags Leap

    Sharon Olds
    Sharon Olds poetry is remarkable for its candour, its eroticism and its power to move
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    Obama and the Middle East

    Fawaz A Gerges
    A penetrating study by one of the most influential writers on a most troubled region ...
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    A Dangerous Delusion

    Peter Osborne, David Morrison
    A closely argued book which maintains the west is wrong about nuclear Iran.
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    The Story of Irish Museums 1790-2000

    Marie Bourke
    First book to provide a comprehensive account of the stories, histories and evolution of Irish museums and galleries over the past three centuries.
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    Field Day Review 8, 2012

    Extracts taken from Roger Casement's diary during his eighteen months in Germany from October 1914-April 1916. Fuller, annotated versions appear in the latest edition of the Field Day Review.
    This first extract describes Casement's return to Cologne after visiting senior officials of the German General Staff at the Western Front in November 1914, just inside the French-Belgian border.
    The second, reflecting his disillusion, is taken from his diary as he negotiated with the German government and prepared to leave the country by submarine in 1916.
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    Ljubljana Tales

    Coon, Fincham,a'Beckett (eds)
    An anthology in translation which provides a panoramic insight into the beloved city and beyond.
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    This is the Way

    Gavin Corbett
     Gavin Corbett's first novel. Every now and then a voice comes along to reinvigorate the language.... Colum McCann
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    Harm's Way

    Conor Carville
    Debut collection of poems from Conor Carville.
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    Silver Threads of Hope

    Sinéad Gleeson (ed)
    An anthology of short fiction featuring twenty-eight writers including Colm McCann, Emma Donoghue, Dermot Healy and Keith Ridgway. All royalties will be donated to Console, the organisation which offers support to people in suicidal crisis.
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