I am so at home in Dublin, more than any other city, that I feel it has always been familiar to me. It took me years to see through its soft charm to its bitter prickly kernel - which I quite like too.

How to Make a Killing


George Hanson writes: You want to be rich? Right? Of course you do. Everyone wants to be rich. Did you miss out on Bitcoin? Or worse, did you buy it around December 2017 and are now sitting on an 80 percent drop in value? Don’t worry ‑ all is not lost. People will tell you it’s difficult to make millions. I’m here to tell you that’s rubbish. Anyone can rake it in if they follow my three simple rules. And I’m going to share those rules with you right now: Timing, Timing and Timing. It’s as simple as that. Timing is the difference between a Bitcoin millionaire and a Bitcoin loser. Want to be a winner? Read on.

Right now the time is perfect for buying into a very special product. Follow my simple three-step system and you’ll be on your yacht in Killiney Bay surrounded by beautiful celebrity friends before you know it.

I’m talking about a product that will grow at 15-20 per cent year on year. Think of that, think of the beauty of compound interest. The secret ‑ and it is a secret (shhh!) ‑ is good old fashioned dope. Yes, you heard right. I’m talking weed, skunk, hash, whatever they call it down your way. Governments, God bless ’em are making it legal all over the place and the market is expected to hit $150 bn a year pretty damn sharpish. Now is the time to get in. Don’t wait until share prices go through the roof ‑ and they will. Timing, my friends, timing.

The really good news for investors is that with the good old market getting into the driving seat there’s going to be product development. Weed: 2.0 is coming down the road and it’s going to make what came out of Jack’s magic beans look like a bonsai tree! Nothing out-magics the magic of the market.

Here’s the thing. The old grass that Bill Clinton never inhaled was fairly mild and most users could take it or leave it. Not the ideal business model. That mild dope is now ancient history. Already none of the free market dope companies are growing anything with less than ten percent THC which, back in the day, was knockout grade. Right now consumers in the US and Canada are looking for weed with twenty percent THC. Will it end there? I don’t think so. We’re talking mass addiction and massive profits. Shrewd investor that you are – you can see where this is going, all the way to California and more!

Is there a downside, I hear you ask? I won’t lie to you. Sure, there’s a downside, there’s always a downside ‑ but the question is can it be handled? And the answer to this is a very loud YES IT CAN. And the secret? You’ve guessed it: timing. Read on.

Look, there were always some people who couldn’t handle dope. They sort of slipped off the grid, wandering around in a fog for the rest of their lives. Life is tough. We know that. But with much stronger dope, there’ll be a whole lot more brain-melting going on. The Earnest Eddies are telling us there’ll be a massive spike in schizophrenia and all sorts of medically expensive psycho stuff. Eventually big fat government will ban or regulate the hell out of the business. Big fat beltway government just doesn’t want you to be free. What’s new?

So the trick is to get out just as the gold rush peaks. Watch for signs that government is getting ready to scratch its ass, then sell, sell, sell. That’s the beauty of timing. Timing turns losers into winners.