I am so at home in Dublin, more than any other city, that I feel it has always been familiar to me. It took me years to see through its soft charm to its bitter prickly kernel - which I quite like too.



Celebrating Bricktop

Brian Boyd
A recent serendipitous find in the Oxfam shop in Belfast and costing all of £1.75, Professor Sharpley-Whiting’s account (she’s a US academic specialising in...

Death in the Valley

Thomas McCarthy
Poems of flight, new beginnings, sad partings and rich harvests

Rumpled Giant

Gerald Dawe
The greatest 20th century poet writing in English along with WB Yeats

The Grapes of Mirth

Andreas Hess
The traditions and development of a very special Spanish wine

Their Story

Rosita Sweetman
Nine families of sister siblings who were influential in Irish history

A Surrealist’s Journey

Eoin O’Brien
The life and myriad achievements of scientist and artist Desmond Morris

Roots Music

Fióna Bolger
Poems leading from the forest to the book, and the roots of book in forest


The Best Intentions

Dermot Dix
A British soldier and administrator in 18thc America, India and Ireland


Inventing the Republic?

Joe Cleary
Irish writers and their attitudes to the events of the revolutionary period


Light and Shade

David O’Connor
A new collection of critical essays from the Co Wexford novelist Colm Tóibín


The Good Fight

Maurice Walsh
American foreign correspondents at large in an age of optimism


When Beauty Lands

Donal Moloney
The giddy promise and remarkable elegance of tennis genius Roger Federer


Artistic Differences

Martin Tyrrell
The Fab Two: Lennon and McCarney working with and against each other


Getting There

Andy Pollak
Blueprints for the path to a successful referendum and a united Ireland


The Casement Diaries

Jeff Dudgeon
  While trying not to overburden readers with detail, it is important to counter unevidenced assertions and to correct errors in Martin Mansergh’s review of...

Beyond Chatter

Sean Sheehan
Making sense: the ‘antiphilosophical’ philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein

Love in the Dark

A love-across-the-divide story from the North - with a difference

A Wading Light

Afric McGlinchey
Seán Hewitt’s memoir of queer love, helplessness and heartbreak

Poetry and Fishing

Seán Lysaght
Retracing the journeys of the enthusiastic angler Ted Hughes

Spreading Civilisation

Eoin Dillon
Lecky, liberalism and Britain’s role as world leader

Otters and Orioles

Thomas McCarthy
A well-read eye observes nature over the passing years

Movements in the Deep

Leanne Ogasawara
A Japanese mystery that evokes the slippery nature of memory


The Kilmichael Ambush

Joost Augusteijn
Re-examining the controversial events of the war in Co Cork


The English School

Paul O’Mahoney
A defence of the centrality of history to  international relations


A Salutary Lesson

Martin Greene
Russia’s vicious 19th century wars of conquest in Asia