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    The Royal Manors of Medieval Co Dublin: Crown and Community

    Aine Foley
    This book is the first full length study of the royal manors of Crumlin, Esker, Saggart and Newcastle Lyons - all in south Dublin - in the period 1170-1400.
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    In a Time of War

    John Dennehy
    John Dennehy explores the profound political, economic, military and social impact of the Great war on one Irish county - Tipperary.
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    Bedsit Disco Queen

    Tracey Horn
    A wry and wise memoir of a unique career, just as distinctive as Tracey Horn's singing voice.
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    Italo Calvino, Letters 1941-1985

    Italo Calvino
    Calvino liked to present an inscrutable face to the world, but this collection of letters shows him  to have been gregarious, puckish, funny, combative and, above all, wonderful company.
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    Niccolo Machiavelli

    Corrado Vivanti
    This book presents an informative account of all of Machiavelli's writings and handles them with suppleness and authority, revealing deep connections between his thought and the vicissitudes of his career during a colourful and turbulent period.
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    The Fall of the Celtic Tiger

    Donal O Donovan, Antoin E Murphy
    This book examines how the Celtic Tiger, a high growth economy, fell into a macroeconomic abyss. Throughout the book attention is devoted to who and what was responsible for the crisis and looks at what could have been done to avoid the bailout.
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    Hawks and Other Short Stories

    Peter Hollywood
    Peter Hollywood's collection of stories is written in clear and elegant prose shot through with a wry humour.
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    May we be Forgiven

    AM Homes
    Jeanette Winterson regards AM Homes's new work as the greatest American novel of our time. Be that as it may, she is very good and very very funny.
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    Parnell Reconsidered

    Travers, McCartney (eds)
    Among the questions reconsidered are what Parnell understood by Home Rule, his attitude to separatism and his position in the nationalist spectrum, his extraordinary relationship with Gladstone and the significance of his famous ne plus ultra speech delivered in 1885.
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    Death and Dying in Ireland, Britain and Europe

    Kelly, Lyons (eds)
     "Sexual virtue was the primary index of female respectability in eighteenth-century Ireland; and, because the consequences of transgression were so acute, there was little that women caught in this maelstrom were not prepared to contemplate in order to escape the social sanction that followed the loss of reputation." Taken from one of the many interesting essays that comprise this collection.
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    The Prodigal

    Michael Hurley
    A novel described by the Kirkus Review as stirring romantic and evocative of the sea's magic.
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    War of Words

    Devlin, Muller (eds)
    A study of culture and the mass media in the making of the cold war in Europe as the contending powers felt it necessary to explain and justify to Europeans the division of the continent into two hostile blocs and to mobilise them behind reinvented European  identities.
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    Weimar Germany

    Eric D Weitz

    Weitz explains how Germany rose  from the defeat of World War 1 and the turbulence of revolution to forge democratic institutions and make Berlin a world capital of avant garde art.

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    Through the Night

    Stig Saeterbakken
    A novel from the Dalkey Archive Norwegian Literature Series. The tragedy at the centre of the novel poses painful but essential questions: What does sorrow do to a person? How can one live with the pain of unbearable loss?
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    The Writings of Ivor Browne

    Ivor Browne
    Catriona Crowe says of Ivor Browne that both personally and professionally he stands for compassion, accessibility, innovation, respect for others and, above all, independent thinking. 
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    The House of Mourning

    Desmond Hogan
    Desmond Hogan is seen as one of the most remarkable literary talents to have come out of Ireland in the past half century and perhaps the best introduction to his work is through his magnificent short stories.
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    Richard Murphy Poems 1952- 2012

    Richard Murphy
    Murphy is one of Ireland's greatest poets
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    The War of Independence in Kildare

    James Durney
    Despite the obstacle of being based in the same county as one third of Britain's military strength in Ireland, the Kildare IRA played an important role in the War of Independence running a successful military campaign and playing a crucial role in intelligence gathering.
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    Kafka, The Years of Insight

    Reiner Stach
    A neurotic German Jew plagued by illness and ill-fated historical circumstances, Kafka grew increasingly unsettled in his native city of Prague as the turmoil of the Great war destroyed the only world he knew.
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    Building: Letters of Isaiah Berlin

    Hardy, Pottle (eds)
    Letters of the great historian of ideas Isaiah Berlin.This is the third of four volumes of his letters covering the period 1960- 1975.
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