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    The Worst of Times

    Paul B. Wignall

    Two hundred and sixty million years ago, life on Earth suffered wave after wave of cataclysmic extinctions, with the worst—the end-Permian extinction—wiping out nearly every species on the planet. The Worst of Times delves into the mystery behind these extinctions and sheds light on the fateful role the primeval supercontinent, known as Pangea, may have played in causing these global catastrophes.

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    The Seven Good Years

    Etgar Keret

    Over the last seven years Etgar Keret has had plenty of reasons to worry. His son, Lev, was born in the middle of a terrorist attack in Tel Aviv. His father became ill. And he has been constantly tormented by nightmarish visions of the Iranian president Ahmadinejad, anti-Semitic remarks both real and imagined, and, perhaps most worrisome of all, a dogged telemarketer who seems likely to chase him to the grave.

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    1916: The Rising Handbook

    Lorcan Collins
    A handbook to the events and locations of the Easter 1916 Rising. This ‘1916 bible’ will be invaluable to anyone with an interest in recent Irish history who wants to separate the facts from the fiction.
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    Rebel Sisters

    Marita Conlon-McKenna
    Growing up in the privileged confines of Dublin’s leafy Rathmines, the bright, beautiful Gifford sisters Grace, Muriel and Nellie kick against the conventions of their wealthy Anglo-Irish background and their mother Isabella’s expectations. Soon, as war erupts across Europe, the spirited sisters find themselves caught up in their country’s struggle for freedom.
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    The Princeton History of Modern Ireland

    Richard Bourke & Ian McBride (Eds)
    Charts the pivotal events in the history of modern Ireland while providing perspectives on topics ranging from colonialism and nationalism to political violence, famine, emigration, and feminism. Takes readers from the Tudor conquest in the sixteenth century to the contemporary boom and bust of the Celtic Tiger, exploring key political developments as well as major social and cultural movements.
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    The Love of Strangers

    Nile Green
    Chronicles the frustration and fellowship of six Iranian students abroad to open a unique window onto the transformative encounter between an Evangelical England and an Islamic Iran at the dawn of the modern age.

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    And Yet... Essays

    Christopher Hitchens
    A volume of Christopher Hitchens' previously unpublished essays, covering the themes that define Hitchens the thinker: literature, religion and politics.
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    Conversations with Miller (Centenary Edition)

    Mel Gussow (Foreword by Richard Eyre)

    New York Times drama critic Mel Gussow first met Arthur Miller in 1963 during rehearsals of After the Fall, the play inspired by Miller’s marriage to Marilyn Monroe. They then met regularly over the following forty years. Conversations with Miller records what was discussed at more than a dozen of these meetings, resulting in a revealing self-portrait of one of the giants of twentieth-century literature.

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    Approximately in the Key of C

    Tony Curtis
    "Tony Curtis's humour and charm, and ability to turn a poem with the seemingly simplest of images, and that understanding of how words will play over the listener's ear, are hallmarks
    which are pleasingly brought to the fore on the page" - Michael McKimm, The Warwick Review
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    Francis Bacon in Your Blood

    Michael Peppiatt
    Michael Peppiatt met Francis Bacon in June 1963 when Bacon invited him to lunch, and over oysters and Chablis they began a friendship and a no-holds-barred conversation that would continue until Bacon's death thirty years later.

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    The Planet Remade

    Oliver Morton
    This book explores the history, politics, and cutting-edge science of geoengineering, weighing both the promise and perils of these controversial strategies and putting them in the broadest possible context.
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    Strange Country

    Kimberly Campanello.
    Kimberly Campanello’s new collection  is an exciting new work, that through the theme of the mythical Sheela na gig, explores the light and dark of Modern Ireland.
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    Padraig Og O Ruairc
    On 8 July 1921 a Truce between the IRA and British forces in Ireland was announced, to begin three days later. However, in those three days at least sixty people from both sides of the conflict were killed. In 'Truce', Pádraig Óg Ó Ruairc goes back to the facts to reveal what actually happened in those three bloody days, and why.
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    Ben Richardson
    There is more sugar in the world's diet than ever before, but life is far from sweet for the exploited producers making nature's 'white gold' and the unhealthy consumers eating it. Ben Richardson examines why the billion-dollar sugar trade has created such inequities and argues that the answer to this question can be found in the dynamics of global capitalism.
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    Utopianism in Eighteenth-Century Ireland

    Deirdre Ní Chuanacháin
    This book explores the varieties of utopianism in eighteenth-century Ireland. Based on what is recoverable and what has been recovered to date it reveals that a distinct utopianism emerged in the early decades of the eighteenth century based on the improving visions of the Dublin Society, the imperative to improve, the interface between the languages, Irish and English, between the cultures of the Catholic and Protestant communities, and between colonial and anti-colonial writings.
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    Lacan on Love

    Bruce Fink
    Can psychoanalysis – with ample assistance from philosophers, poets, novelists, and songwriters – give us a new perspective on the wellsprings and course of love? This first-ever commentary on Lacan’s Seminar VIII, Transference, provides readers with a clear and systematic introduction to Lacan’s views on love.
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    Avenue of Mysteries

    John Irving

    John Irving's new novel is the story of what happens to Juan Diego in the Philippines, where what happened to him in the past - in Mexico - collides with his future.

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    Kevin Curran
    This novel creates a conversation across a century, between two disparate characters, in one unique interwoven story that combines the historical epic with contemporary cultural commentary. 
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    Who's Who in the Dublin Rising 1916

    Joseph E. A. Connell,Jnr
    This book lists those who made up the garrisons during Dublin's Easter Rising in 1916, and gives a short biography of them.
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    Unthinkable: Great Ideas for now

    Joe Humphreys
    Irish Times journalist and author Joe Humphreys tracks down leading thinkers to answer some of the most pressing questions facing humanity. Drawn from his absorbing columns in The Irish Times, Unthinkable seeks to road-test your reasoning, and raise the quality of public debate.
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