I am so at home in Dublin, more than any other city, that I feel it has always been familiar to me. It took me years to see through its soft charm to its bitter prickly kernel - which I quite like too.


Barefoot Kings?

John Minahane
Sifting the evidence on civilisation in Gaelic Ulster

Boss Cupid

John McAuliffe
The warm, human despatches of a gay poet from Reagan’s America

A Vanished Bohemia

Gerald Dawe
A compelling memoir of Aidan Higgins and a mode of literary life now gone

Haunted Houses

Elizabeth Bowen’s love letters recall her first extramarital affair

Can history save us?

Eoin O’Brien
The need for global preparedness before the next pandemic arrives

Beyond the Ordinary

Dick Edelstein
Can a woman living an ordinary life be a Renaissance Man?

Ulster Will Fight

Brian M Walker
Inter-communal violence in the early years of Northern Ireland


Reds under the Bed

John Mulqueen
How the secret police bedded in communism in postwar Central Europe


Apple Concentrate

Maura O’Kiely
Weirdness, greatness and everything in between: New Yorkers talk the talk


From Ronald to Donald

Rory Montgomery
US Republican Party strategy and the irresistible populist temptation


Poor White Trash

David Blake Knox
How liberals in the US treated Bill Clinton’s accuser Paula Jones


Before the Deluge

Barra Ó Seaghdha
A classic account of the life of a working class Parisian street


Priest of the Phallus

Rosita Sweetman
Lawrence’s skewed sexual politics and its legacy in the porn industry


Spanish Sketches

Martin Tyrrell
Orwell and the Spanish anarchists: not judging murder too severely


Running out of Road

Paul Nolan
Protestant population decline and the political short-sightedness of unionism


Against Mystique

Richard Bourke
National character: English decorum versus dreamy Celtic fecklessness


Witness to Revival

Emer Nolan
Mary Colum’s memoir of Ireland, literary revival and modernism


Beyond A Joke

Kevin Power
A Tale Told by an Idiot: Jordan Peterson’s daring fictional gambit


The Authentic Voice

William Wall
An examination of Italian cinematic neorealism and its artistic antecedents


See Here

John Fleming
The great photographers caught through the lens of a playful semantics


Comings and Goings

Pauline Hall
The ‘isolated and outlandish’ domain of the doomed Big House gentry


Guinness and Chips

Peter Kennealy
A diary of English high society that is high on snobbery but low on insight


Who’s for a U-turn?

Dennis Kennedy
Why unionists might be better off thinking, and doing, the unthinkable


The Inflection Point

Fergus O’Ferrall
Literacy in religious thinking may be necessary to tackle the world crisis


Rights and Wrongs

Katrina Goldstone
Hannah Arendt: witness and theorist of the advent of modern totalitarianism