I am so at home in Dublin, more than any other city, that I feel it has always been familiar to me. It took me years to see through its soft charm to its bitter prickly kernel - which I quite like too.


Intimate Oscillations

Keith Payne
A poet’s odyssey ‑ from Dublin suburbs out into the world and back

Pagans, Snobs, Censors

Alice Quinn Banville
Irish visual art and the vaunted uniqueness of our ‘spiritual heritage’

Intellectual Insurrection

Conor McCarthy
The extraordinary range and tireless radical commitment of Edward Said

Not Like The Others

Amanda Bell
A pitch-perfect depiction of life as a teenage girl in 1980s Britain

The Pleasure Principle

Gerald Dawe
A poet born to wealth and privilege whose gift miraculously survived

The World’s Doubleness

Clíona Ní Ríordáin
From the natural world to the grit and banality of everyday life

The Ghost Hunters

Aiden O’Reilly
A literary treatment set in Florida of the classic ‘hero’s quest’ story


Jane Xavier
The changing face of Ireland and the forces who are combating change


A Great Worker

Alena Dvořáková
The work which, 100 years ago, gave us the concept of the robot


The Bloody Crown

Bryce Evans
The factors driving violence in Co Kerry during the revolutionary period


Finding a Space

Catriona Crowe
Women and writing in Ireland’s breakthrough feminist ‘second wave’


Wrongfooted by History

Andy Pollak
An up-close look at Northern Ireland’s Protestant community


Rounding up the Strays

Eve Patten
A new collection of the work of a doyenne of the literary review


One More to Go 

Maurice Earls
Ireland’s civil war and its impact on the patterns of 20th century politics


A Poet’s Dublin

Christine Dwyer Hickey
A little blousy and rough around the edges but still a city of great beauty

Barefoot Kings?

John Minahane
Sifting the evidence on civilisation in Gaelic Ulster

Boss Cupid

John McAuliffe
The warm, human despatches of a gay poet from Reagan’s America

A Vanished Bohemia

Gerald Dawe
A compelling memoir of Aidan Higgins and a mode of literary life now gone

Haunted Houses

Elizabeth Bowen’s love letters recall her first extramarital affair

Can history save us?

Eoin O’Brien
The need for global preparedness before the next pandemic arrives

Beyond the Ordinary

Dick Edelstein
Can a woman living an ordinary life be a Renaissance Man?

Ulster Will Fight

Brian M Walker
Inter-communal violence in the early years of Northern Ireland


Reds under the Bed

John Mulqueen
How the secret police bedded in communism in postwar Central Europe


Apple Concentrate

Maura O’Kiely
Weirdness, greatness and everything in between: New Yorkers talk the talk


From Ronald to Donald

Rory Montgomery
US Republican Party strategy and the irresistible populist temptation